picfionn Co-Chair: Fionn Bishop (fb440)Murray Edwards

“My name is Fionn and I’m a 3rd year studying Phys NatSci at Murray Edwards. I’m very interested in particle physics and cosmology, and particularly the intersection between them. I’m interested in nuclear fusion as well, both in terms of the physics and other implications. I also play the cello.”

dsc01753 Co-Chair: William McCorkindale (wjm41)St. John’s

“I’m William, a 3rd year studying Physics at St. John’s. I’m really interested in computational and condensed matter physics. I play the trumpet in my spare time during the day and dream of wavefunctions at night.”

maxwell Secretary: Brian Lo (chbl3)Emmanuel

“I’m Brian, a 3rd year studying Physics at Emmanuel. I’m interested in the theoretical side of high energy physics, especially particle physics. I’m currently learning Japanese and would like to know even more languages in the future. I will also be creating new physics puns for CUPS in my free time and they will hopefully not be annihilated by others!”

14488975_1219998298043091_1893788131_o Junior Treasurer: Mimi Das (ad749)St John’s

“Hi, I’m Mimi and I’m a 4th year student studying Natural Sciences at St. John’s College. I’m interested in cosmology, multiverses in particular.

Here’s a link to an xkcd comic I particularly like:

Speaker Liaison: William Drake (wkd21)St John’s

“I’m William, a 3rd year Physicist at St John’s. I am particularly interested by condensed matter, atomic physics, electrodynamics and fluids – and their application to solve practical problems, for instance in industry, energy generation and healthcare. When escaping Physics, I can be found half way up a mountain or making a cacophony on the piano.”

Speaker Liaison: Akshat Pandey (ap948)Corpus Christi

I’m Akshat, a second year physicist at Corpus Christi College interested in all sorts of theoretical physics. I also study Hindustani music, make futile attempts at understanding mathematics, and argue with hep-th chauvinists.

Publicity Officer: Callum Jones (chj24)Girton

“Hi, I’m a 3rd year physicist at Girton. I’m hoping to go into experimental physics and I’m particularly interested in electromagnetism and optics. I also enjoy practising aikido.”

Events Officer: Jamie Gittins (jwg37)Peterhouse

“Hi all, I’m Jamie a second year Phys NatSci from Peterhouse. I’m more interested in astrophysics and nuclear physics. In my downtime, I enjoy playing lots of sports, watching films and travelling.”

Sponsor Liaison: Mavis Chan (cyc38)St. John’s

2nd year physicist who always loves some Fourier Transform and good coffee

maxwell Webmaster: Dexter Chua (dec41)Robinson

“I am a 4th year mathematics student. My interests are in homotopy theory, type theory and higher category theory. Oh. And physics.”

14224678_1173072469382399_5987968643030116591_n Excursion Officer: Tim Ekeh (te276)Corpus Christi

“My name is Tim, and I’m a 4th year studying Physics at Corpus Christi College. I’m interested in Atomic, Materials, and Condensed Matter Physics topics”

Filming/Photography Officer: Toby Clifton (cmtc3)Fitzwilliam

“I’m Toby. Once at school in year ten, I was told off by my physics teacher, and for some reason she told me to study physics at university. Well, here I am! My hobbies include pretending to be a mathematician, thinking, and singing silly songs.”

Stash Officer: Thomas Gessey-Jones (tg400)Fitzwilliam

“Hi, I am Thomas, a 2nd year studying Phys NatSci at Fitzwilliam. I am mainly interested in astrophysics and cosmology. When trying to avoid work I like to go rock climbing, walking or play the piano.”

General Member: Anna Wang (aw692)Clare

“Apparently, this committee member prefers to keep an air of mystery about them”

General Member: Oleg Malanyuk (om314)Queens

“Apparently, this committee member prefers to keep an air of mystery about them”

General Member: Xin Ying Lim (xyl23)Trinity

“I’m Xin Ying, a 4th year physicist at Trinity. Particle physics seems interesting. ?

General Member: Hennie Coales (hrjc2)Murray Edwards

“Hi, I’m Hennie and I’m a 2nd year studying Phys NatSci at Murray Edwards. I’m particularly interested in the experimental side of physics and enjoy ballet amongst other forms of dance.”

General Member: Péter Juhász (pj315)Trinity

“Hi, I’m Péter, a fourth year Physicist at Trinity and I’m delighted to be part of the CUPS Committee. I’m a member of CUPS not by chance, I love Physics, but also, if you ever feel that you need tips about which subjects to take, just drop me a line and we’ll surely make something up for you. Some facts about me: work hard – play hard, I like to chill with friends very much, go swimming or have a nightly walk after a long day spent in the lab.”

CUPS Senior Committee

President Prof. Andy Parker
Senior Treasurer Prof. Mike Payne